Sandstone Walls

Natural sandstone walls can be used to build a retaining wall around part of your property.With its warm caramel tones, sandstone has traditionally been used for centuries as a building material and natural sandstone can add class and style to your garden landscaping.

Sandstone is a naturally porous material and this makes it a very effective choice for a use in the construction of a retaining wall. Unlike walls built using traditional blocks and mortar, sandstone allows the moisture in the soil to seep through and drain away. It has its own inbuilt drainage system and even if damage from excessive water pressure does occur, this can normally be repaired fairly easily.

Another great advantage of constructing a sandstone retaining wall as opposed to a brick or block wall is that you do not need to sink a footing below the frost-line as you would with bricks, mortar, or concrete.

Natural sandstone walls can either be built in uniform rows with each piece of sandstone carefully selected to fit together evenly and uniformly, or you can adopt a slightly more random look. If the stones are not uniform in size, construction of the wall can end up becoming a giant jigsaw puzzle where filler stones are used to build up the difference in height between different levels of stone. However, this often only adds to the attractive natural quality of the wall.

Flat capstones should be kept for the final level of the wall. These are flat stones that help to provide a finished look to the retaining wall. They also help to hold the stones beneath in place.

If a large sandstone retaining wall is required or you have no building knowledge, it is better to utilize the services of a specialist contractor to make sure that the construction is safe and adequate for the purpose for which it is intended. Once the wall has been constructed, you can look forward to enjoying many happy years as the sandstone beds into the environment of your garden.

Cascading plants are a great way to add some extra colour and foliage to a natural sandstone wall. Plants can easily be rooted into soil between the stones. Use colourful plants like lobelia, or scented herbs such as fragrant thyme to add life to the retaining wall and during the summer, your sandstone wall will bring a delightful dash of life and exuberance to your garden.

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