Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulder retaining walls are usually built to provide an attractive feature wall that protects against soil erosion. If your property is built on different levels, a boulder retaining wall is an excellent way of landscaping your garden.Instead of enduring a long and potentially difficult to manage slope, you can build attractive terraces constructed using boulder walls.

Not only will these be an effective solution for retaining large amounts of soil, they will provide be a lovely natural backdrop to your garden landscape. Boulder retaining walls are usually a far more economic choice compared to a traditional block wall as block walls are labor intensive to construct and therefore cost more money.

The other alternative is a timber retaining wall, but these have a limited life due to deterioration caused by rot. Even when timber treatment chemicals are used, timber walls will eventually begin to topple forward under the strain of the soil behind. Unlike timber walls and block walls, boulder retaining walls offer excellent natural drainage through the natural gaps between the rocks.

Whilst a natural boulder retaining wall is a great look for your property, you do need to make sure that you choose an experienced contractor to construct it. A contractor without the necessary knowledge or experience of boulder retaining walls is unlikely to do a very good job and you might end up with a boulder wall that is uneven and misshapen.

It is not usually that difficult to see when a boulder retaining wall has been built in a less than professional manner. Different sizes of rocks will be placed haphazardly and small rocks will be used to plug the gaps. The wall will look unsightly from a distance and there will no symmetry to the overall structure. To be effective, boulder walls need to be securely stacked in a very specific way. They are an investment for your property and as such, they need to be built correctly. Large blocks need to be stacked at the bottom of the retaining wall.

The rocks should be symmetrical and evenly spaced with no large gaps between the boulders and the top row of boulders should have a nice level finish.

When a boulder retaining wall has been built to a high standard, they are a great way to add some distinctive style to your landscaping. Boulder Retaining Walls can work within your budget and offer a custom designed wall to suit your individual requirements.

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